Dr. Jeff Schreve’s real life story is one of personal transformation. His struggles and victories form the foundation of his calling and intersect with the lives of people from all walks-of-life. His positive sermon outlines are compelling many into a genuine life-experience with the living God. Pastor Jeff believes the Bible is true, and he is passionate about introducing Christ to those who feel hopeless, helpless, and think God is out of reach. He "tells it like it is" with clear biblical content combined with engaging, personal sermon illustrations that are relevant, compassionate, and humorous. His sermon outlines are filled with life-giving principles for living.

Jeff is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (1984) with a degree in Business Administration. After spending twelve years in sales, God called Jeff to preach. He graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in December of 2000 with a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as Pastor of Membership and Missions at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX from 1997 to 2003 before being called to First Baptist Texarkana as Senior Pastor in February of 2003. Jeff has been happily married since 1986. He and Debbie are greatly blessed with three daughters, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter.

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Sermons by Jeff Schreve
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Sermon Title 
Dueling Gospels? (1 of 16) PREVIEW
Tried and True (2 of 16) PREVIEW
Sticking to Your Guns (3 of 16) PREVIEW
At War with Satan's Gospel (4 of 16) PREVIEW
Breaking the Spell (5 of 16) PREVIEW
Moses and the Law Versus Abraham and the Promise (6 of 16) PREVIEW
Slaves and Sons (7 of 16) PREVIEW
All the Right Stuff (8 of 16) PREVIEW
Who's Your Momma? (9 of 16) PREVIEW
Fallen from Grace? (10 of 16) PREVIEW
The Great Race (11 of 16) PREVIEW
The Formula for a Great Church (12 of 16) PREVIEW
The Battle Within (13 of 16) PREVIEW
Real Christianity (14 of 16) PREVIEW
The Law of the Harvest (15 of 16) PREVIEW
It's All About the Cross (16 of 16) PREVIEW
The Fake Newscaster (1 of 8) PREVIEW
Liar, Liar (2 of 8) PREVIEW
The World's Most Believable Lie (3 of 8) PREVIEW
Circumstantial Evidence (4 of 8) PREVIEW
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