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My name is Jeff Strite, and I’ve been preaching in the Churches of Christ/ Christian Churches for the past 30 years - first at the Hamilton Church of Christ (Hamilton, IN), South Salem Church of Christ (Union City, IN) and, for the past 15 years, the Church of Christ at Logansport (Logansport, IN).

My greatest strength in ministry is in the teaching God allows me to from the pulpit. My father once told me that preaching was the most important thing a preacher ever did. He said I’d never speak to as many people during the week as I would on Sunday morning and so I’ve always taken that responsibility very seriously.

In addition to my role as preacher at this congregation, I’m also the head of H.O.P.E. (Hispanic Organization for Preaching and Evangelism) that attempts to reach out to the Hispanic population in our area.

Sermons by Jeff Strite
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The Day I Tore Up The Bible ( 2 of 7) PREVIEW
What A Wonderful World (3 of 7) PREVIEW
The God Who Is Gooder (4 of 7) PREVIEW
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