Pastor Fred joined The City Life Church staff in October of 2007. Before that he was on the pastoral staff at Mechanicsville Christian Center for 8 years. He majored in Business Economics at Randolph- Macon and then Spent 5 years in the sponsor services department of an international child sponsorship agency. Pastor Fred spent the next 10 years living in the inner-city of Richmond where he devoted himself to revitalizing a community that suffered from poverty, crime, and despair through both practical service and a message of hope in Jesus Christ. While he did this, he was in a senior management role for an area retailer’s bank. He is married to the love of his life, Vannessa, and they have three beautiful children; Derick, Ethan, and Claire.

Sermons by Fred Michaux
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His Gardens PREVIEW
High Places PREVIEW
OverEating (1 of 4) PREVIEW
OverWorking (2 of 4) PREVIEW
OverSexing (3 of 4) PREVIEW
OverSpending (4 of 4) PREVIEW
Chosen (1 of 3) PREVIEW
Persistent - Part 1 (2 of 3) PREVIEW
Persistent - Part 2 (3 of 3) PREVIEW
Timeless PREVIEW
Migration (1 of 4) PREVIEW
Truth About Heaven (2 of 4) PREVIEW
Into the Deep (3 of 4) PREVIEW
Temporary (4 of 4) PREVIEW
Egypt (1 of 4) PREVIEW
Nazareth (2 of 4) PREVIEW
Jerusalem (3 of 4) PREVIEW
In the Spirit (4 of 4) PREVIEW
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