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Pastor Joe Alain has been preaching and teaching for over twenty-seven years. The bulk of his preaching has been in South Louisiana where he served as the Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Port Allen, Louisiana and Hebron Baptist Church, Denham Springs, Louisiana. Currently, he serves as the Senior Pastor at Carrollwood Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. Joe employs an expositional style of preaching, often preaching the rich biographical narratives found in the Gospels. His method seeks to be true to the text while at the same time discovering the depth and details that often lie beneath the text. The use of metaphor to explain and illustrate the text, and the use of probing questions is often seen in his sermons.

Joe is married to Rhonda McCall Alain and has one daughter, Rachel; and two sons, Ben and Caleb. Joe is a graduate of The Baptist College of Florida and The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, having received both the M.Div. and Ph.D degrees. As well as pastoring, Joe has served as an adjunct faculty member of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary since 2000 and has published several articles in the field of preaching. When not involved in church ministries, Joe enjoys reading, playing tennis, guitar and sport rocketry.

Sermons by Joe Alain
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Sermon Title 
Reformation Sunday: Martin Luther, Here I Stand PREVIEW
The Healing Touch PREVIEW
Light at the End of the Cave PREVIEW
The Man Who Went Away Rejoicing PREVIEW
Rise Up and Walk PREVIEW
The Champion PREVIEW
The Creation of the World: Five Amazing Truths PREVIEW
Ten Reasons Why I Tithe PREVIEW
Effects of the Fall PREVIEW
Paradise Lost PREVIEW
Beautiful Mess (1 of 10) PREVIEW
Cliques Aren't Just for Kids (2 of 10) PREVIEW
Still Worldly After All These Years (3 of 10) PREVIEW
Together We Build (4 of 10) PREVIEW
Judging on the Inside (5 of 10) PREVIEW
Counsel Concerning Marriage (6 of 10) PREVIEW
Free to Love (7 of 10) PREVIEW
You Are the Body of Christ (8 of 10) PREVIEW
The Language of Love (9 of 10) PREVIEW
The Resurrection (10 of 10) PREVIEW
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