Keith is the senior pastor of Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane, WA and professor of biblical exposition at Moody Bible Institute–Spokane. He was previously the senior pastor of Emmanuel Bible Fellowship in Olympia, WA. Prior to this position, he served for five years as Minister of Outreach and Care at Suburban Christian Church in Corvallis, OR. He is a graduate of Multnomah University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary (BATh; MDiv), Talbot School of Theology (DMin), and the University of Bristol (PhD). Keith has been married since 1993 to his wife, Lori, who is also a graduate of Multnomah University. They have three children.

Sermons by Keith Krell
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Sermon Title 
Kindle Fire (1 of 7) PREVIEW
No Shame! (2 of 7) PREVIEW
Semper Fidelis (3 of 7) PREVIEW
Useful or Useless? (4 of 7) PREVIEW
Last Days Living ( 5 of 7) PREVIEW
Finish Strong (6 of 7) PREVIEW
Farewell Friends (7 of 7) PREVIEW
God's Favorite Tool (1 of 12) PREVIEW
Hook, Line, and Sinner (2 of 12) PREVIEW
To Do or Not to Do (3 of 12) PREVIEW
Know Mercy (4 of 12) PREVIEW
Working Hard or Hardly Working? (5 of 12) PREVIEW
Bridle the Beast (6 of 12) PREVIEW
Show and Tell (7 of 12) PREVIEW
Friend or Foe? (8 of 12) PREVIEW
For A Limited Time Only (9 of 12) PREVIEW
Patience Is a Virtue (10 of 12) PREVIEW
Prayer Power (11 of 12) PREVIEW
Operation Restoration (12 of 12) PREVIEW
The Woman Who Wowed Jesus (1 of 8) PREVIEW
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