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Why Contribute to

The Lord has gifted you with the ability to effectively communicate the Gospel message in a way that impacts lives. Why not multiply that impact by allowing your inspired insights to be heard and read in more places? Help pastors and missionaries worldwide more effectively disseminate the Word, and touch lives, by sharing your words. SermonSearch offers an easy-to-use platform for making your outlines and illustrations available for others to use in the service of the Kingdom.

You will be in the company of other great teachers and preachers, including James Merritt, Miles McPherson, Larry Osborne, Stuart Briscoe, Jeff Schreve, and Ed Young, Sr, to name just a few.

All writers receive royalties from each sermon downloaded. There is no fee to you for being a part of the SermonSearch family.

How Do I Become A Writer?

Contact us via email and submit a full text copy of at least two sermons, along with a brief personal bio and letter of introductions. We will review your submitted samples and contact you about becoming a writer for SermonSearch.