The Two Dimensions of Vision

by Frank Damazio

Vision for a church always has two dimensions: the big picture and the implementation.

Once you have clearly stated your vision and mission, the possibility of forming a unified leadership team and congregation has begun. Every church has its own divine destiny, because each is led by God just like each individual is uniquely led. The church vision is tied to those who lead the vision, along with their spiritual maturity, integrity, wisdom, preparedness, unique gifts and personal experiences.

Let’s delve into the two dimensions of vision.

1. The Big Picture

This dimension includes the vision and mission statements that describe the overall, general thing you see as the target. It needs both the vision and mission statements to communicate both the target and the process.

But a vision also needs the detailed strategies and plans. We’re great at the big picture. Where we tend to get tripped up is getting the big picture into production. Without a doubt, you need to see it and say it – and say it clearly. But you also must do it wisely and accurately. Seeing and doing – both are necessary for fulfilling vision.

2. The Implementation

You’ve seen the vision and stated it clearly, but now you need to delve into more detail. What does a person who is fulfilling your vision look like and how does a person continue living out that vision? Leaders must paint a bright and detailed picture of the mission and keep it in front of people all the time.

Your preaching must take on the general dimension of the big picture, but it also must narrow the big picture down to specific ways of living out the mission. The preaching and the church structure must reflect your big picture. All church ministries, outreaches, programs, leaders and members must work toward the same mission. That is how we see vision fulfillment.

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