Proven Laws of Powerful Preaching

by Frank Damazio
Not all preaching can be classified as successful. Some preaching fails miserably short. Bible preaching should be powerful, penetrating the very heart and spirit of the listener. Here are a few proven laws for the preacher that have helped me through the years.

Keeping your own well: The preacher’s spiritual state will ultimately come through the preaching. You cannot hide an empty spirit by speaking many words. Preaching is the act of impartation, not just communication.

Keep your own heart and spirit full of the virtues of God, healthy and growing, vivacious, and full of life and good things.

The hidden sermon: Similar to the previous law, this means that whatever is in the sermon will first be in the preacher: clarity, logic, sincerity, sweetness, or a wrong and wounded spirit. It is not greatness of spirit that causes us to be critical or harsh, but littleness of spirit.
Love makes truth palatable. You must love truth, but you also must love the people and they must feel this love attitude permeated throughout the preaching.

Enjoying the seasons: A preacher will experience different spiritual seasons that will affect his preaching. Learn how to use the seasons for your benefit in developing preaching.

The seasons of dryness, victory, unsettledness, stretching, discouragement, emptiness, and fullness can all be used by the Holy Spirit to bring life and depth to the preacher and the preached word.

Abiding anointing: Realize the authority behind preaching resides not in the preacher but in the biblical text, not in emotion, but in the Holy Spirit that inspired the text.

When you do not feel the anointing, preach on by faith in the word of God. The anointing will be there and affect the people because it abides in the word of God.

Cultivating a well-fed mind: The preacher must continually read and think deeply about a variety of important subjects. Studying for sermons does not necessarily cultivate a well-informed mind. One must read books that expose the preacher to material that stretches the mind and enlarges the vocabulary.

Consistently reading the Bible in different translations will feed the spirit and mind. Read theological books that challenge your ability to think and reason. 
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