Prioritizing the Word of God

by Frank Damazio

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” –Stephen Covey Most people living in the twenty-first century face a number of concerns or people that require our attention – kids need to be picked up from soccer practice, people at work have questions about projects, parents need to be called, family birthday parties must be planned, and on it goes. If you are a minister, add to that the necessity of teaching a congregation every week. The problem of prioritization is not new. It faced the apostles in Acts where they were so busy that they had to leave teaching the Word of God to wait on tables. It is not seemly, desirable or right that we should give up or neglect the Word of God in order to attend tables. We must ask ourselves what tables we are serving at the expense of the Word of God? The table of administration? The table of counseling? Relationships? Recreation? All of these are good things, but if the cost of attending to them is neglecting the Word of God, then they will in due season dilute our ministry of the Word of God. Feeding the Word of God to the congregation is the central task and responsibility of all leaders. Every leader should be a person of the Word. That means they study their Bible for their own, personal revelation and spiritual formation. They also study the Bible to get a word for the congregation. Make no mistake – it is important to wait on tables, that is, serve people. It might even be the more enjoyable activity for you. Sometimes it is difficult to give up a kind of service that we enjoy in order to get back to our primary function. But if we are obedient to God’s call, we will find great fulfillment and satisfaction in the ministry He has designed us to flourish in. Whether you are a lead pastor or not, make sure you prioritize the Word of God in your life. Make time to study it daily and meditate on what it says. The Bible is God’s word to you. This article was used with permission from

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