Characteristics of Humble People

by Frank Damazio

A life that honors God honors the principle called humility. Humility is an attitude of being gentle, considerate, kind, and gracious, putting others in front of self. The process of humility begins when you realize that everything is not about you. People who honor humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less.


The Bible shows us several examples of humble people, one of those being Moses. Moses described himself as the one who most fully exemplified humility. He did not say that about himself out of pride or arrogance, but out of gratitude to God for the various trials he underwent in order to develop the high level of character he had.

Here are three characteristics of a humble person that can be observed in Moses’ life.


1. Nurtures a broken spirit

To the natural mind, that which is broken is unfit for use and should be thrown away; but to God, brokenness is of high value. A broken spirit quickly recognizes conscience violations as a result of a clear, soft conscience. It quickly discerns what is amiss, like a broken bone out of joint, and quickly makes an adjustment. 


A broken spirit is pliable and able to be fashioned. On the other hand, a hard heart is not impressionable – you cannot work on it. A broken heart is soft and easily penetrated. A broken spirit is in a person who is submitted to God, obedient with joy, easily bent to humility, and not reactionary. 


2. Receives second chances 

Have you ever made a mistake? We are all failures – well, at least all the best of us! People fear failure and think failure is a stigma, that it is final. But it’s not. Failure is the school for humility. It sets up a second chance. 


The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake. 


3. Does not react to criticism, accusations, or slander 

Moses was reproached without cause and falsely accused by his own family. Moses’ response was silence. He did not resent the attack made upon him or attempt in any way to vindicate himself or take revenge. 


Take criticism as potentially allowed by God to make you better. Take it as testing what buttons are still active in your carnal nature.


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