7 Ways to Gain Momentum in Your Church This Fall

by Rick Whitter

Football, bonfires, and changing leaves; there is just something special about this time of year.  Many people find autumn to be the most refreshing time of year. There may be some spiritual significance to all of this. Fall is harvest time. God has created the season to provide a time to reap the benefits of a lot of hard work in earlier seasons. But cooler weather alone is not enough to bring progress and growth to your church. Let’s share a few practical and easy-to-implement ideas that will help your church gain some momentum this fall.


Most towns and cities celebrate some type of fall festival. Parades, fairs, and carnivals are a great time for churches to connect with the community. Join the fun! With a team of volunteers and a little creativity, your church can get noticed by your neighbors simply by becoming a part of whatever is happening in your town.


High school football is a big deal in most communities. It’s a great idea to embrace that part of your local culture. Try hosting a pregame meal for the team. Honor the coaches or volunteers with a plaque. Sponsor an ad in the local paper or team program. If people see you as true fans of the players, they will become true fans of your church.

Back to Church Programs

People are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, some are in the habit of not going to church throughout the summer. We have to give them an opportunity to turn that habit around. A special day that emphasizes a return to church may be just what is needed. There are a variety of approaches but one effective program is National Back to Church Sunday. The key is to give people an excuse to come to church in the fall!

Kids’ Programs

Families with children are always looking for healthy and helpful events. Consider an after-school tutoring program, a sports club, or a scouting group. Church should be a place where kids have fun while learning about Christ. Special activities in addition to Sundays are helpful to accomplish this. Also keep in mind that a Back to School Blessing service is a great outreach opportunity for many churches.

Message Series

Consider preaching a series of sermons this fall that addresses a Biblical response to real life issues. Marriage, child rearing, money, and spiritual transformation are excellent topics to cover. Promoting these series in creative ways will help build energy in your worship services.

Outdoor Movie Night

If you live in the north, your days of outdoor activities may be limited. Take advantage of the cooler evenings and provide an outdoor family movie night. There are lots of good choices of wholesome movies and young families are always open to ways to connect with each other. The costs are minimal and the technology needed may already be on hand.

Plan, Promote, and Propel into the Next Season

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year are just around the corner (sooner than you expect). Make the most of these upcoming seasons by using the fall to energize the church forward.

Church momentum has been compared to the snowball effect. The farther the snowball rolls, the more speed it picks up and the larger it becomes. Fall should be a time of spiritual growth and harvest—increased momentum. Let’s pray for this kind of impact for our churches this fall. Then, let’s put some action to our prayers and get our churches going!

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