5 Reasons Why You Should Jump on the Sermon Series Bandwagon

by Kristin Price, SermonSearch Staff

While there are a number of ways to communicate God’s truth, many churches have found strength in the sermon series. This is by no means the only way to communicate, however, we might do well to reexamine the ways in which we deliver God’s truth. You see, the communication of the word affects its listeners and, consequently, families, marriages, friendships, and even communities. As we consider taking communication more seriously, let’s examine the ways in which preaching by series does have its advantages. Here are five reasons why jumping on the sermon series bandwagon may not be such a bad idea:

Sermon series generate momentum.

The great thing about preaching a sermon series is that each sermon builds upon the others. This constant connection and piecing together of information builds a greater understanding of God’s revelation. And with this, comes anticipation, as each part of the series adds another dimension without telling the full story. Think of each sermon in the series as a saga that leaves the congregants wanting more, anticipating the next installment of the story.

Sermon series create focus and excitement.

When a pastor or church leader focuses on a specific topic for an extended period of time, it creates focus in the hearts and minds of the congregants. Instead of gorging the people by jam packing your information into a 30-40 minute dialogue, allow them to chew on a little bit at a time so that the information is easier to digest. This focus enables growth for believers, as they truly devote themselves in the study of the word. And this focus breeds excitement for sharing God’s word, for reaching the community, and for sharing personal experience and insight when telling others about the series.

Sermon series save planning and study time.

Outside of their day-to-day responsibilities, many pastors and church leaders spend hours praying for the church, its congregants, its services and the proclamation of the word. But these leaders also spend a great amount of time reading, researching, and learning. Instead of throwing hours of study time away, why not use that wealth of knowledge over the course of a few weeks in a sermon series? Sermon series allow church leaders to fully articulate what God has conveyed through their studies and what they have learned through that time of devotion. Also, sermon series save planning time, as church leaders can plan for a number of weeks while they remain on the one subject.

Sermon series allow for variety in teaching.

Even though series allow for teaching on specific topics or passages, they also allow for preaching through entire books of the Bible. So, while you might take a few weeks to delve into the word, preaching on the subject of fear or answering some of your congregants’ faith-based questions, there is also room for you to take a few weeks to journey through an entire book. This allows for variety in preaching which keeps your congregants engaged in the truth that is being delivered.

Sermon series bring truth and application together.

Because sermon series break down a subject matter, passage, or book over an extended period of time, truth and application are able to come together in a powerful way. Instead of the preacher feeling rushed to deliver the practical application in the final five minutes of the sermon, both truth and application seep into each installment of the series, climaxing with its conclusion.

Just remember to take caution. Don’t idolize the method. Instead, be open to break the series, because our God is the God who speaks. And sometimes those words are the very words we need to interrupt our plan and schedule in a glorious way.



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