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Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook, Senior Pastor of Woodlands Church, is known for his creative and contemporary teaching style. Pastor Kerry's sermon outlines will help you preach a sermon that is memorable and keeps your church engaged.

Larry Osborne

Dr. Larry Osborne, Pastor at North Coast Church and author of the bestseller Sticky Church, offers fresh insight into the Word of God. Dr. Osborne's sermon outlines incorporate his practical teaching style.

Benny Perez

Benny Perez is the lead pastor of The Church LV. Pastor Benny’s influence extends nationally and internationally as an author and speaker. His unique preaching style is marked by humor, passion and a genuine love for people.

Frank Damazio

Frank Damazio is the Pastor of City Bible Church and the Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International, a fellowship of thousands of churches nationwide and around the world. Pastor Frank's teaching is known to be relevant and Bible-based.

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