Our sermon ideas on the Family will help you preach a powerful message relating to family values, priorities, and principles found in the Scriptures. Prepare your messages on the family with sermon outlines or an entire sermon series.


by David Cawston

Introduction: This year, six-million Americans are going to take part in the greatest event of their lives. I mean, perhaps the most life-changing event outside of conversion that ever happens to a person. Six million Americans! It will be more important than the way they vote. It will be more important than any art work they may create. It will be more important than any space trip they may take. It will be more important than any technological problem that they may solve. It will be more historically important than any medical discovery that they may make.

by Jim Perdue

*If I say the word ''paradise'' what do you think of? A sandy beach with clear skies and the hot sun beating down on you? A nice cool mountain stream with the sound of the forest animals and trees all around you? A freezing cold Colorado afternoon with a perfect powdered base of snow for all-day skiing? What is paradise to you? Is it to live debt free? To have a million dollars? To get your kids grown up and gone? To own a brand new car of your choosing? To quit work and be free to do whatever you want?* All these things, while they are nice, don't make life paradise.

by Johnny Hunt

INTRODUCTION: This Psalm penned by David's son, Solomon, is a great reminder that, ''Parents need the Lord's help; see yourself as dependent upon Him. No amount of human sacrifice or toil can accomplish much unless God's blessing is upon His people.'' That is the major message of this Psalm. Psalm 127 was a reminder to the people of Israel that sin had robbed the people of God of holiness, happiness, and home. They had attempted to live without God, without a chart, and without a compass. The results were shipwreck. Through long years of loneliness, wanderings, and unrest, they had learned that ''unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.''

by Adrian Rogers

Turn, please, to Hebrews, Chapter 11, and our verse this morning is Verse 23, as we continue our series in God's Hall of Fame. And, of course, the way to be in God's Hall of Fame is to exercise faith in Him, for their Bible says "but without faith it is impossible to please Him." And Hebrews, Chapter 11 is a listing of the heroes of the faith. And today we come to two…

by Zach Terry

ILLUSTRATION; The pastor was visiting the 4th grade Sunday School class to talk about marriage as part of the lesson. He asked the class, ''What does the Bible say about marriage?'' Immediately, one little boy replied, `Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.' - How true that so often is. God commanded our first parents to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it. But don't you imagine that if they knew what they were getting into, they might be tempted to disobey?

by Marvin D. Patterson

Joke: Mad man Harrigan - There was a man who had $10 million and put it in a vacant building. He didn't believe in banks. One day the building caught fire and the man became frantic. The fire dep. couldn't get the blaze under control. The man said ''isn't there anything you can do? I'll pay $1 million to anyone who can put this fire out. The fire chief said there was only one man who could put the fire out, Mad man Harrigan. Call him up, the rich man said.

by Jeff Schreve

Culture is an interesting word. It's been defined as the behaviors and beliefs and values of a particular society, or group, or tribe, or organization. Culture affects the way people think and the way people feel, the way people express themselves, and the way people interact with one another. Did you know that corporations have a particular culture? Before God called me into the ministry, I worked for three different companies. The first two I didn't really notice much in terms of culture. But the third company, Nalco Chemical Company, it just screamed out culture. It had a particular culture.

by James Merritt

Introduction1. [Movie Clip/Script] 2. If you are just joining us we have been a series called ''Reel Grace.'' Reel is spelled with two ''e's'', because we have been in the Book of Romans and we have been saying the Book of Romans is really just like a movie. It has everything - a director whose name is Paul, a great setting (the world), a great plot line (grace), and a wonderful supporting cast (you and me). Not only does the movie depict what grace is, how grace works, and why we need it, but it perfectly describes the predicament of both the human race and followers of Jesus.

by Daniel Rodgers

Practical Guidelines to Living 1. I would like to begin this evening by asking you this question: ''If you were to make up a slogan or give defining statement about your family, what would it be? 2. Here's another question: If you were to rate the success of your family in light of what God would have a family to be...on a scale of 1-10, where would your family be? 3. How we answer those questions will determine a couple of things: It will reveal how well we understand God's will for our families and our lives, and it will reveal how well we are applying His will in practice.

by Jeff Strite

OPEN: This is our last in our series: ''What Made America Great.'' Over the past weeks we've dealt with the Christian Work Ethic, the Godly Freedom we enjoy, and the influence of the Church in shaping the thinking of our early founders. Today's sermon focuses on the role Marriage has played in making America great. In Malachi, God told Israel how important marriage was to Him. He said that when people get married ''…the LORD (makes) them one''. In flesh and spirit they are his.'' Malachi 2:14 AND He declared He is a ''witness between you and the wife of your youth.'' Malachi 2:14