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by Stan Coffey

We'll be continuing the series on THE WORD FROM THE LORD. In Jeremiah 37:17, the king asked a great question. There are may great questions in the Bible. The question asked by God Himself when Adam and Eve had sinned and were hiding in the Garden of Eden. God came forth and said, ''Where art thou?'' T

by Mark Karris

Illustration- Shut Up! You're no good! You're lazy! You're stupid! You will never make it! What is wrong with you! Your too old! No one wants you! No one likes you! You can't do it! You're ugly! Get away from me. You're a Homo! Why can't you be more like your brother! I am sorry you were ever born! Why are you not perfect?

by Johnny Hunt

INTRODUCTION: The problem of evil and suffering is undoubtedly the greatest theological challenge we face. In fact, this is the single biggest obstacle for spiritual seekers. George Barna, the public-opinion pollster, conducted a national survey in which he asked a scien

by Jason Dees

Trinity, Communion, Personal Grace of Christ, Purchased Grace of Christ, Jesus identifies with us physically, Jesus identifies with us mentally, Jesus identifies with us relationally, Jesus identifies with us in temptation

by Michael Romero

Introduction: Entering into the fifth week of study of the book of Hebrews I want to continue to develop the idea of ''rest''. Last week we were in chapter three and this week we are going to be talking about the first 13 verses of chapter four. The reality is that the two texts, both last weeks and this weeks should be looked at as a continuous flow of information concerning the rest that God would have us enter.

by Jeff Strite

Cosmetic surgery has become very popular in our present day society. In one of the books I read a year ago, I ran across some unique surgeries that people actually pay money to have done to their bodies: • Back in 2010 more than a million American women underwent lip augmentation surgery. They paid between $l,500 - $3,000 to have their lips plumped up. And to do that they surgeons used silicone,

by Rex Yancey

An unknown author wrote the following poem about the veracity of the Bible. I find the Lord in the Bible Wherever I chance to look;He is the theme of the Bible, The Center and Heart of the Book. He is the Rose of Sharon; He is the Lily fair Whenever I open the Bible The Lord of the Bible is there.

by Adrian Rogers

Take your bibles and turn with me please to the book of genesis. That ought not be hard to find. That's the first book. And then, go to chapter twelve. Today we're beginning a brand new series of messages entitled 'the school of faith'. The school of faith and the title of this particular message is, 'dare to be great'. I wonder if you think that it is wrong to want to be great? I suppose most of us would just bow our heads and say, well you know, uh! Hah haa, I don't want to be great. It would

by Terry J. Hallock

As we continue this journey into understanding who and what we were meant to be as the Church, we return briefly to two first principles. Number One: we are Jesus' Church and no one else's! In Matthew He declared, ''On this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'' Jesus is the architect, builder, and sustainer of this Church because it is His Church. Therefore our fi

by Rick Ferguson

Question: If you went through a time of intense pain and suffering and disappointment, and you prayed and prayed and prayed--yet nothing seemed to happen--and no relief came, How Would You Interpret That? *Would you wonder if God had abandoned you, or *Would you see that as God's customized activity in your life? Would you interpret your pain and unanswered prayers as God's Abandonment or God's Activity?