Sermon Series: Beautiful Mess by Joe Alain

Life among Christians can be great. But let’s face it – it can also be exasperating! The joys of fellowship too often give way to division and debate. In 1 Corinthians, Paul calls the believers “saints” but they didn’t always act saintly. You might say that they were a “Beautiful Mess.” There were deep divisions in the church, sexual immorality, abuses of Christian freedom, and theological confusion. Fortunately, God doesn’t give up on messy people or messy churches. In 1 Corinthians we see Christianity not as it was meant to be but as it often is. Yet we also find practical advice for overcoming the challenges of life together. This series of messages from 1 Corinthians shows us how God is making a beautiful portrait from our beautiful but messy lives.

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  • Beautiful Mess (1 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Cliques Aren't Just for Kids (2 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Still Worldly After All These Years (3 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Together We Build (4 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Judging on the Inside (5 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Counsel Concerning Marriage (6 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Free to Love (7 of 10)Joe Alain
  • You Are the Body of Christ (8 of 10)Joe Alain
  • The Language of Love (9 of 10)Joe Alain
  • The Resurrection (10 of 10)Joe Alain

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