Sermon Series: Gut-Level Worship by Dave Gustavsen

What does worship look like? Joy, gratitude, and celebration…right? Well, yes—sometimes. But how about confusion…anger…disappointment…anxiety…despair…regret? Can those emotions actually be part of worship? Yes; in fact, in the Psalms, we hear God inviting us to come to Him in the raw, unedited realness of our actual lives. In this five-week summer series,  we will walk through five Psalms that call us to approach God with brutal honesty. If your relationship with God has become predictable, shallow, and fake, this could be a game-changer for you!
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  • Gut-Level Doubt (1 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Gut-Level Depression (2 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Gut-Level Dryness (3 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Gut-Level Guilt (4 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Gut-Level Stress (5 of 5)Dave Gustavsen

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