Sermon Series: Come and See by Dave Gustavsen

The Gospel of John was written with a laser-sharp purpose: to help spiritually disconnected people begin a relationship with God. And rather than relying on threats, warnings, guilt trips, or logical arguments, John shows us that a relationship with God begins with a simple invitation: “Come and see.” Jesus said it first, but that same invitation is repeated throughout the early chapters of John’s Gospel. In this 3-week series, Pastor Dave will explore Jesus’ “Come and See” invitation to the religiously disillusioned, the spiritually skeptical, and the sexual captive. We’ll see that the real power lies not in the invitation, but in the One people come to see. And we’ll be stretched by a vision of what our lives and church could look like as we live out our “Come and See” calling.
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  • The Religiously Disillusioned (1 of 3)Dave Gustavsen
  • The Spiritually Skeptical (2 of 3)Dave Gustavsen
  • The Sexual Captive (3 of 3)Dave Gustavsen

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