Sermon Series: Biblical Roles of Husbands and Wives by Stan Coffey

Before God founded the church or government, He founded the home. God set up an order of authority for the home. When we go against the formula for God's plan for the home, when we rebel and go our own way, then we're going to run into trouble. That's where society is today. We shouldn't find it strange that when we go against God's plan, the result is going to be chaos, heartache, and sorrow. This sermon series talks about the biblical roles of husbands and wives in the family.

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  • Role Of The Husband And Wife (1 of 5)Stan Coffey
  • We Are The Products Of Our Mothers (2 of 5)Stan Coffey
  • My Mother's Prayers (3 of 5)Stan Coffey
  • How To Be A Super Dad (4 of 5)Stan Coffey
  • God's Formula For Faithful Fathers (5 of 5)Stan Coffey

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