Sermon Series: The Sermon on the Mount by Dave Gustavsen

The Sermon on the Mount goes from Matthew 5 all the way through Matthew seven. It's the first official sermon that Jesus ever gave. It's probably the most famous teaching of everything that Jesus taught. So even if you haven't read the Bible much at all, if you stick around for these next six weeks, you're going to hear things and you're going to say, ''I've heard that before!'' It's just been quoted a lot! But that doesn't mean that people understand it!

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  • Defining the Good Life (1 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Radical Love (2 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Audience of One (3 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • Do Not Judge (4 of 5)Dave Gustavsen
  • A Fruitful Tree and a Strong House (5 of 5)Dave Gustavsen

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