Sermon Series: Jonah - Relentless Pursuit by Dave Gustavsen

Sometimes we think of God as passive and patient - a gentle spirit who hopes that we’ll pay attention to him, but is too polite to interrupt us or meddle in our lives. Wrong. As Jonah found out, God is active, passionate and untamed. He takes a personal interest in us, and masterfully orchestrates events in our lives in his loving pursuit of us. How are you responding to God’s pursuit? What about the times when God doesn’t seem to be pursuing at all, because he seems completely absent? What would it mean to join God in his loving pursuit of others? And why does God continue pursuing us, even after we think we have our act together? And you thought Jonah was just about a big fish.
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  • Resistance (1 of 4)Dave Gustavsen
  • Darkness (2 of 4)Dave Gustavsen
  • Revival (3 of 4)Dave Gustavsen
  • Hardness (4 of 4)Dave Gustavsen

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