Sermon Series: Off the Map - The Life of Joseph by Dave Gustavsen

Is your life turning out exactly the way you planned it? Didn’t think so. Joseph’s life spun out of control early on, and never really returned to “normal.” As we trace his story, you’ll see why it’s one of the most famous in all the Bible - including family betrayal, seduction, humbled egos, unexpected opportunities - and through it all, an expanding view of who God is and what he’s up to in the chaos of our lives. Ultimately, Joseph’s story shows how foolish we are when we desperately try to maintain control…and it invites us to the better way of submitting our lives to God’s larger story.

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  • Broken Dreams (1 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Desperate Housewife (2 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Model Prisoner (3 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Employee of the Month (4 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Restoring a Broken Family (5 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • The Secret to Forgiveness (6 of 6)Dave Gustavsen

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