Sermon Series: Signs - The Miracles of Jesus by Dave Gustavsen

In the Gospel of John, there are six main miracles that Jesus performs. So we're going to walk through John and focus on each one of those. If you're wondering why we chose this topic, let me give you two big reasons. One is: the miracles focus our attention on Jesus. Ultimately, they're not about the amazing thing that's done; they're about the One who does the amazing thing. So they focus our attention on Jesus, and when you focus on Jesus, good things tend to happen. So that's the first reason we chose this topic. The second reason is that I believe Jesus still breaks into our world and into our lives with miracles today. And there are times in life when we desperately need that. Wouldn't you agree? So we'll talk about how that can happen, and how to open ourselves up to experience his power in very personal ways.

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  • Water to Wine (1 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Get Up and Walk (2 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Bread and Fish (3 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Walking on Water (4 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Sight for the Blind (5 of 6)Dave Gustavsen
  • Raising the Dead (6 of 6)Dave Gustavsen

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