Sermon Series: The Model Church by Jerry Watts

The church of the 21st century is different than the church of the first century. Paul's earliest letter to the church in Thessalonica offers us a look into a fellowship which many have deemed “The Model Church.”  The letter of 1 Thessalonians offers us a wealth of treasures.  Looking at this letter with open eyes and open hearts can be the starting point to regaining our spiritual “Eye of the Tiger”.  The Apostle touches on everything from the foundation to what it means to be healthy & reaches as far as the Second Coming of our Lord.  This study is both helpful & a must!
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  • The Foundation of the Model Church (1 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • A Healthy Church (2 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • Evidence of a Model Church (3 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • Be Reminded (4 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • Seeing God's Hand (5 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • The ''Make-Up'' of a Model Church (6 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • A Life That Pleases God (7 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • Be Encouraged (8 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • Ready or Not - Here I Come (9 of 10)Jerry Watts
  • Don't Ever Forget (10 of 10)Jerry Watts

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