Sermon Series: Extra Ordinary by Benny Perez

Today we begin a New Series on the Extra Ordinary. We live in a world that is made up of the natural things all around us. These are the things we can see, smell, touch and taste. It is a fantastic world filled with incredible environments.

Yet there is another realm that cannot be seen but is just as real. It is the realm of what some call the Extra Ordinary. We will call it the Spiritual Realm or Supernatural Realm. I believe that all of us have a sense of something that is greater than what we see or physically know.

In this series we are going to explore the Extra Ordinary Realm and what implications it has on us in the Natural Realm.

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  • The Natural and Supernatural (Spiritual) (1 of 7)Benny Perez
  • The Holy Spirit (2 of 7)Benny Perez
  • Sending Angels (3 of 7)Benny Perez
  • Jesus Greater than Demons (4 of 7)Benny Perez
  • Jesus Greater than Demons and Despair (5 of 7)Benny Perez
  • Consider the Source (6 of 7)Benny Perez
  • We Have Not Heard (7 of 7)Benny Perez

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