Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments by Joe Alain

Ernest Hemingway once wrote: “What is moral is what you feel good after and what is wrong what you feel bad after.” Does this sound familiar? “If it feels good, it must be right.” However, moral relativism is an inadequate guide for living and only fosters moral chaos and plunges people deeper into darkness. But God has a better way, He has provided his life-giving laws to regulate personal relationships, to maintain stability in our communities, and to guarantee justice. The Ten Commandments are like the Constitution of the United States, legally binding in a most basic, foundational way but more than a mere set of individual laws. They are universal principles given by our creator and redeemer. This series of sermons seeks to uncover the timeless truths of God’s life-giving laws for today’s believer.

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  • No Gods Other than the Lord (1 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Have No Idols (2 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Are You Serious? (3 of 10) Joe Alain
  • Why We Need a Sabbath More than Ever (4 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Family First, the Commandment with a Promise (5 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Choose Life (6 of 10)Joe Alain
  • Be Pure (7 of 10)Joe Alain
  • No Stealing (8 of 10)Joe Alain
  • To Tell the Truth (9 of 10)Joe Alain
  • You Shall Be Content (10 of 10)Joe Alain

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