Sermon Series: The Book of James - Core Training by Larry Osborne

This is an 18 part series from North Coast Church all out of the book of James.
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  • Bitter or Better: The Choice Is Ours (1 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • You Can Take It With You (2 of 18)Chris Brown
  • The Traitor Within (3 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • Tempering Our Temper (4 of 18)Chris Brown
  • How To Be Blessed In All You Do (5 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • How To Impress God (6 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • The Golden Rule Revisited (7 of 18)North Coast Church
  • Mercy: It's More Important Than We Think (8 of 18)Chris Brown
  • Cadaver Christianity (9 of 18)Chris Brown
  • The Tongue: Small But Deadly (10 of 18)Chris Brown
  • I'd Rather Be Righteous Than Right (11 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • How To Be Miserable (12 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • Knock It Off! (13 of 18)Chris Brown
  • Two Keys To Being Right With God (14 of 18)Chris Brown
  • A Warning To The Rich (15 of 18)Larry Osborne
  • How to Be Patient (16 of 18)Chris Brown
  • What I Know, And Don't Know, About Prayer (17 of 18)Chris Brown
  • When the Crowd Becomes a Church (18 of 18)Larry Osborne

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