Sermon Series: Churchology by Jason Dees

The hope of this series is that you would go from being that neighbor, someone who hangs out with the church family, and someone who really likes the church family, to being someone who is in the church family. Who doesn’t just know the church and like the church but who is actually a part of the church, I want you to move in with the Church Family to become part of the church family. My hope for this series is that you would be willing to say I am the church. So when you or other people talk about the church you are actually talking about you. And my hope is that you would truly see how big and sweeping and glorious the church truly is.
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  • People (1 of 6)Jason Dees
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  • Kingdom (3 of 6)Jason Dees
  • Recruit (4 of 6)Jason Dees
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