Sermon Series: Events In The Life Of Moses by Joe Alain

The events in the book of Exodus stand as timely case studies in character development. Understanding that the “happenings” in the Old Testament are “written down” for us (1 Cor. 10:11), there is much that we can learn about how God works to shape us into His image, creating us to be persons of faith, integrity, vision, and courage.

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  • The Making Of The Man And Woman Of God (1 of 5)Joe Alain
  • God Sightings (2 of 5)Joe Alain
  • God's Answers To Our Excuses (3 of 5)Joe Alain
  • A God You Can Trust In (4 of 5)Joe Alain
  • Cooperation, The Winning Combination (5 of 5)Joe Alain

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