Sermon Series: The Making Of A Movement by Benny Perez

You see we are not a religious people following a religious system. Rather we are Followers of Jesus And Fulfilling His Mission. You see Jesus did not come to establish another Religious system but Jesus came to establish a movement of People who understood that they were part of something that is bigger than just themselves. A Movement of people who understand that they are put on this planet to make a difference and help bring change. If we really take the scriptures seriously then we are really not part of this World’s system. We are people who have been captured by the Love of Jesus and now we are on mission to share this message.

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  • The Making Of A Movement (1 of 4)Benny Perez
  • Hope Again (2 of 4)Benny Perez
  • You Got What You Need (3 of 4)Benny Perez
  • Empowered People (4 of 4)Benny Perez

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