Sermon Series: Relation Tips by Benny Perez

This is going to be Revolutionary Series covering something all of us deal with: People. 

You cannot live in this world without dealing with people. In fact the better you get at dealing with and helping people the better your relationships will be which will make your life better. 

Remember you were created to be in Relationship with God and others.
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  • Relationships: What Are They? (1 of 5)Benny Perez
  • Love Is A Battle Field (2 of 5)Benny Perez
  • One Is Not The Loneliest Number (3 of 5)Benny Perez
  • Honey Moons Over: Marriage (4 of 5)Benny Perez
  • Great Sexpectations (5 of 5)Benny Perez

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