Sermon Series: Thinking For A Change by Benny Perez

I believe that what God is looking for is change. We don't call it change, but rather maturity. But we must realize that maturity is really about change. Everyone of us wants to mature so that we can be more successful in all areas of our lives. In order for us to change, we must recognize that change is a process not an event.
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  • Thinking For a Change (1 of 6)Benny Perez
  • The Battlefield of the Mind (2 of 6)Benny Perez
  • Think What Your Thinking About (3 of 6)Benny Perez
  • Thinking Generationaly (4 of 6)Benny Perez
  • Speaking Your Mind: The Power of Words (5 of 6)Benny Perez
  • Right Thinking towards God (6 of 6)Benny Perez

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