Sermon Series: The Power Of The Gospel by Lenny Ports

Jesus said, this blindness that has been in this poor man from birth is there because I want to show the world the POWER OF GOD. Jesus came to rescue us from the mess that we are in. It doesn't mean that everything will become peachy for us. It means that in our weakness the power of Christ is manifested in us.
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  • I Once Was Blind (1 of 7)Lenny Ports
  • The Best is Yet to Come (2 of 7)Lenny Ports
  • God Hasn't Forgotten About You (3 of 7)Lenny Ports
  • On Christ the Solid Rock We Stand (4 of 7)Lenny Ports
  • God Will Meet You in Your Darkest Hour (5 of 7)Lenny Ports
  • Who Do You Say That He Is? (6 of 7)Lenny Ports
  • Resurrection Life - An Easter Sermon (7 of 7)Lenny Ports

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