Sermon Series: Season of Prayer and Fasting by Lenny Ports

We are entering into a time of consecration or prayer and fasting as a church. Over the next 21 days, we will be carving away time and pushing away food (or Facebook or TV or some other habit) to spend time with God in prayer. Notice I said Prayer and Fasting, not Fasting and Prayer because Prayer is the priority. Fasting is not a Christian diet even though you may lose weight. It is a call to starve your old Adamic nature, your flesh, your carnal self in order to become sensitive to the voice of God and the things of the Spirit. It is the opportunity to give ourselves completely (body, soul, and spirit) to Jesus in order to commune with Him and hear clearly what the Spirit is saying to us.
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  • Prayer and Fasting Bring Change (1 of 4)Lenny Ports
  • How Desperate Are We for God? (2 of 4)Lenny Ports
  • The Authority in the Ascension (3 of 4)Lenny Ports
  • God Will Fight For Us (4 of 4)Lenny Ports

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