Sermon Series: Worship by Miles McPherson

This 4-part series explores worship: what it is, worshipping God with respect, how to prepare, and what it means to God. Pastor Miles explains how you can use worship as a weapon to attack your problems.

Worship is more than singing. It's more than just lyrics to a song. Worship is standing in the presence of God and declaring praises to His name.

Sometimes our idea of worship becomes distorted, and the object of our worship is no longer God. What is it that you worship? Is Christ the center of it? Journey with us as we discover what it means to worship God with respect, how to prepare our hearts for worship and what it means to God when we praise His name.

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  • Our Response to God (1 of 4)Miles McPherson
  • Preparing for Worship (2 of 4)Miles McPherson
  • Worship as a Weapon (3 of 4)Miles McPherson
  • When Wounds Worship (4 of 4)Miles McPherson

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