Sermon Series: In the Movies by Miles McPherson

This 4-part series tackles themes of envy, love, mission, and identity in film and highlights how important and precious your life is. In Part 1, Pastor Miles speaks about how true success and happiness come from following God's plan for your life.
Sometimes it's hard to believe how fast time flies. Life is precious...and when you get to the end of yours, will you have regrets? In this message series, our hope is that God reveals to you how precious and important your life is. Through four different films, we'll tackle envy, love, mission and identity to discover who God made us to be. We'll learn how to love the way the Father loves and live a life full of purpose.

This important journey will challenge you to examine where you're at and where God wants to take you. Lean into Him to ensure that at the end of your life you can join Him with no regrets.
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  • Pursuit of Happiness (1 of 4)Miles McPherson
  • Saving Private Ryan (2 of 4)Miles McPherson
  • The Notebook (3 of 4)Miles McPherson
  • Snow White And The Huntsman (4 of 4)Miles McPherson

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