Sermon Series: Why Jesus Hates Religion by Kenton Beshore

Move beyond the acting and the empty rituals and into a real relationship with Christ. That's what religion is. It's all external Religion is rituals and regulations and beliefs, ... saying God, I'm doing what you say. This is then making me righteous and you're pleased with what I do. Religion can be defined as people working to close the gap between God and them. Though there are good things about religion, ultimately, religion does not lead to God. And that's why Jesus came – to do what religion can't, and that is, to transform a person from the inside
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  • Death by Religion (1 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • Inside Out (2 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • All the Worlds a Stage (3 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • The Rest of the Story (4 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • Who Cares? (5 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor (6 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • The Power of Love (7 of 8)Kenton Beshore
  • Redefining Rituals (8 of 8)Kenton Beshore

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