Sermon Series: Advent by Kenton Beshore

These two Christmas sermons look at the lives of Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph.

The first sermon explores Mary’s response to the announcement that she would be the mother of the Son of God. Kenton Beshore contrasts Mary’s response with Zechariah’s response to the news that he would be the father of John. He delineates between Mary’s healthy-doubt, and Zechariah’s unhealthy-doubt, and then helps us to look at our own lives to see where we may be demonstrating Zechariah-like faith versus Mary-like faith.

The second sermon focuses on Joseph and what makes him stand apart to be the husband of Mary and the father of Jesus. Beshore delves into the markers in Joseph’s life that demonstrate his character and his ability to integrate truth and grace into his daily life.
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  • A Christmas Affair (1 of 2)Kenton Beshore
  • No Average Joe (2 of 2)Kenton Beshore

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