Sermon Series: Location, Location, Location - The Key Places in the Birth of the King by Jeff Schreve

The birth of Christ was something God had planned in detail from the very foundation of the earth.  Even the specific geographical locations that would be involved in this life-changing event had been determined with great care.  In this powerful 3-message series from Pastor Jeff Schreve titled LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: THE KEY PLACES IN THE BIRTH OF THE KING, he shows you these key places, and their significance, in God’s plan to reach the world with His love through the birth of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
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  • Nazareth - The Other Side of the Tracks (1 of 3)Jeff Schreve
  • Bethlehem - Where God Meets Your Deepest Need (2 of 3)Jeff Schreve
  • Jerusalem - The City of the King (3 of 3)Jeff Schreve

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