Sermon Series: Mind Games by Chris Brown

A sermon series that explores the attitudes that will change your life.

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  • Accountability: Choosing The Truth (1 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • Surrender: Whose Name Is On Your Pink Slip? (2 of 10)Chris Brown
  • Compassion: A Heart for the Hurting (3 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • Perspective: Seeing The Big Picture (4 of 10)Chris Brown
  • Contentment: What Everyone Wants But No One Wants To Be Accused Of (5 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • Love: B.C. or A.D.? (6 of 10)Chris Brown
  • Self Worth: Getting The Right Appraisal (7 of 10)Chris Brown
  • Financial Security (8 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • Humility: The Forgotten Path to Greatness (9 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • God's Will: It's Much Simpler Than We Think (10 of 10)Chris Brown

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