Sermon Series: It's Personal: Doing Life with God by Kerry Shook

We can make time to share dinner, grab a cup of coffee or pick up the phone and connect with the people in our lives. But, is it this simple to connect with and relate to the God of the Universe? The answer is yes, and in this series from Pastor Kerry, he takes a look at how simple it can be to connect with Him one-on-one. Learn to experience a personal give-and-take relationship with God. See how our great big God cares about you as an individual. He has your individual desires, needs and concerns in mind, and He longs to share an authentic relationship with you.
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  • Grand Canyon (1 of 3)Kerry Shook
  • I Shouldn't Be Alive (2 of 3)Kerry Shook
  • Fresh Popcorn (3 of 3)Kerry Shook

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