Sermon Series: Face Off: Fighting for the Faith by Jeff Schreve

Paul tells us that “In the last days, difficult times will come.”  One of the biggest difficulties Christians will face in the last days is apostasy; a falling away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jude warns his readers that false teachers with their false teachings will try to secretly inject their poison into the church in order to distort the saving message of Christ and derail the work of God.  Christians are called to stand up for the truth and fight for the faith.  In this series Pastor Jeff Schreve expounds on the sober and hard-hitting truths found in the book of Jude.
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  • Sound The Alarm! (1 of 4)Jeff Schreve
  • The Point of No Return (2 of 4)Jeff Schreve
  • Sharks in the Water (3 of 4)Jeff Schreve
  • What to Do Until He Comes (4 of 4)Jeff Schreve

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