Sermon Series: Bubbles by Miles McPherson

In this 3-part series, Pastor Miles McPherson leads us an exploration of the mysteries of prayer.  Prayer is simply faith-based communication with God.  When God answers us, we can think of his answers as bubbles, whether He is saying yes, no, or wanting to tell us something else entirely.


We need to pray often, with power and with passion, avoiding any “bubble poppers” that may come our way.  Pastor Miles teaches us ways to pray effectively and how to pray in God’s will.  For we know that God’s intentions and goals for us are always best, regardless of our own current thoughts or desires.  Don’t you want to be infused with the truth and experience the best God has to offer you?

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  • God Wants to Answer (1 of 3)Miles McPherson
  • Bubble Poppers (2 of 3)Miles McPherson
  • Jesus Bubbles (3 of 3)Miles McPherson

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