Sermon Series: Beyond The Glory by Chris Brown

"Beyond the Glory" takes us through the glitz and glamour to the true heart of some of the Bible's most popular characters including: Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Paul, James, and Mary and Joseph. They weren’t perfect! Each provides us with great lessons in character.

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  • Abraham: The High Price of a Little Lie (1 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Moses: The High Price of a Hothead (2 of 7)Chris Brown
  • David: The High Price of Pride (3 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Solomon - The High Price of an Unguarded Heart (4 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Paul The Apostle: Greatly Used - Greatly Stressed (5 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • James: Even The Good Die Young (6 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Joseph and Mary: Great Privilege - Great Confusion (7 of 7)North Coast Church

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