Sermon Series: Faith and Prayer by Chris Brown

Prayer without faith is a meaningless thing. This short series looks at both sides of the coin—faith and prayer—two sides that, when pushed together, give you the whole picture. Learn what faith is and isn’t, how our culture has gotten it all wrong, and the role that prayer plays.

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  • Can Faith Really Save Us? (1 of 9)Larry Osborne
  • Faith and Doubt (2 of 9)Chris Brown
  • When Faith "Doesn't Work" (3 of 9)Larry Osborne
  • Faith or Folly? (4 of 9)Chris Brown
  • Do Things Go Better With Prayer? (5 of 9)Chris Brown
  • When God Doesn't Listen (6 of 9)Larry Osborne
  • The Power of Persistence (7 of 9)North Coast Church
  • Just Pray! (8 of 9)Chris Brown
  • Six Things To Pray For (9 of 9)Larry Osborne

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