Sermon Series: Corinth by Chris Brown

The city of Corinth was the original sin city! Five years after the apostle Paul started a church there, he sent a letter (from prison) to answer some of their questions. 1 Corinthians is a letter to a messed up church in a messed up city, yet still greatly blessed by God. This series identifies problems in the Corinthian church, offers solutions, and teaches believers how to live for Christ in a corrupt society.

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  • Blessed by God - Divided by Pride (1 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Keep It Simple! (2 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • The "Secret Wisdom" - Is It In You? (3 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Stop Being Such A Baby! (4 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Tears In Heaven? (5 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Sin In The Camp (6 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • New Family, New Rules (7 of 21)Chris Brown
  • The Power of Sex (8 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Bloom Where You're Planted (9 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • How Free Is Free? (10 of 21)Chris Brown
  • It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish (11 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Fear and Freedom (12 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Why We Do What We Do (13 of 21)Chris Brown
  • What's Love Got to Do with It? (15 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Order In The Church (It's Still Not About You) (16 of 21)Chris Brown
  • The Gospel In A Nutshell (17 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Why Easter Matters In August (And Christmas) (18 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • How To Have A Perfect Body (19 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Why Generosity Matters (20 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • The Truth About Open Doors (21 of 21)Larry Osborne

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