Sermon Series: The Jesus Chronicles Part II by Chris Brown

The book of Acts written by a doctor named Luke - begins where the Gospels leave off. Luke, a traveling companion on the apostle Paul, writes in great detail of the actions of the apostles and the work of the Holy Spirit. It covers the 30 year span of Christianity from the resurrection of Jesus to the time when Paul was in Rome.

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  • Waiting For WHAT ? (1 of 21)Chris Brown
  • The Wait Is Over! (2 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Something Better Than Gold (3 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Big Hat, No Cattle (4 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • The New Normal (5 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Who's On Your Fantasy Church Team? (6 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (7 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • The Barnabas Factor - Helping Others Fly (8 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Peter's (Not so) Great Escape (9 of 21)Chris Brown
  • An Open Door…Now What? (10 of 21)Chris Brown
  • Half Time (11 of 21)Chris Brown
  • What's The Deal With The Old Testament? (12 of 21)Chris Brown
  • The Truth About God's Will (13 of 21)Chris Brown
  • A Tale Of Three Cities (14 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • A Strange Place To Set Up Camp (15 of 21)Chris Brown
  • How A Great Church Goes Bad - The Church At Ephesus (16 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Living Large (17 of 21)Larry Osborne
  • Christmas In August (18 of 21)North Coast Church
  • All Roads Now Lead To Rome (19 of 21)Chris Brown
  • The Good News About Bad Storms (20 of 21)Chris Brown
  • What To Do When You Don't Have A Clue (21 of 21)Larry Osborne

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