Sermon Series: Judges: Scripture's Believe It Or Not! by Chris Brown

Yes, there are some really unusual stories in the book of Judges, but it also contains some deep spiritual truths and insight!

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  • How The Promised Land Became A Spiritual Wasteland (1 of 9)North Coast Church
  • When 2nd Chances Run Out (2 of 9)Larry Osborne
  • Same Old Problems, Same New Solution (3 of 9)Chris Brown
  • Gideon - Never Believe God the First Time? (4 of 9)Larry Osborne
  • Random Thoughts From A Random Story (5 of 9)Chris Brown
  • Getting Right With God - Five Things Few People Understand (6 of 9)Larry Osborne
  • Crooked Sticks and Straight Lines (7 of 9)Chris Brown
  • The Craziness of Commitment (8 of 9)North Coast Church
  • You Can Get Used To Losing (9 of 9)Chris Brown

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