Sermon Series: The X Factor by Frank Damazio

The person who chooses to live life to the full will need to nurture a heart that is filled with God-given expectations. Our confidence is not in chance or good fortune but in the true and living God. That is the "X Factor" - God-given expectations. If you have been disappointed by placing your expectations on a fallible person, as good as they may be, you may end up discouraged and hopeless or angry. Lift your heart and eyes and place your expectation in the God of hope!
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  • The Foundation for Expectation is Desire (1 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Focus of Expectation is People (2 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Time for Expectation is Now (3 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Source of Expectation is God (4 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Means of Expectation is Believing (5 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Nine Believing Heart Expectations (6 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Emotion of Expectation is Joy (7 of 8)Frank Damazio
  • The Mindset of Expectation is Peace (8 of 8)Frank Damazio

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