Sermon Series: Jesus the Wildman by Chris Brown

Should church be like a romantic comedy or an action adventure movie? To most, Jesus seems either distant or weak; the nicest man in the world, surrounded by children. This series gives us a more realistic look at who Jesus was then. One thing is for certain: Jesus is good, but not safe. Was he a Wildman?

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  • Why are You Here? (1 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Why Did You Do That? (2 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Good Wine For A Lame Party (3 of 7)North Coast Church
  • When Did Jesus Become Cute, Nice, Gullible and Tame? (4 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Wild Man Disciples - The Original "Peter Principles" (5 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • North Coast: The Wild Church? (6 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Where To From Here? (7 of 7)Larry Osborne

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